Why Intern with BHCHP and the Barbara McInnis House (BMH)?

“I’ve had such a great experience volunteering with the case managers – they are wonderful teachers, and it’s been really eye-opening to see how they are able to meet their patients’ needs in very tangible, and sometimes really creative, ways. I’ve learned a lot in terms of what it means to work in the respite care setting and am so grateful to the case managers and patients for such a positive experience!” – Kaina Chen

“My favorite thing about working at BMH is getting to spend so much time with each patient and really get to know them as people! I think it’s often very easy to define people by their struggles or the challenges they’re facing, but at BMH, the opportunities I’ve had to talk with people about their lives, answer their questions, and support them in getting the resources that they really need have also given me the privilege of learning about so many other aspects of my patients’ lives besides what brought them to BMH. I’ve had patients show me pictures of their new grandchildren or let me look through their portfolio of art pieces, and each time, it’s been such a lovely way to connect on a human level, even for a short while, with someone who was stranger an hour or two before.” – Kane Zha

“I returned to volunteering with case management because I love working with the patients. Every person has a unique story to share. I appreciate the trust each patient places in us by telling us about their lives and allowing us to help however we can.” – Jordan Karten

“I have loved every second of volunteering at BMH. It’s such a unique experience to be able to work so deeply in case management and interact with patients in such a personal manner. Hearing their experiences and working with them to fill out intakes to better understand their needs has been eye-opening and such a fruitful experience. I look forward to deepening my understanding of the social determinants of health that impact our patients, and I am excited to learn more about case management.” – Rohini Kambhampati

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