Undergraduate Internships

An In-Depth Learning Opportunity

BHCHP offers a limited number of unpaid (non-Masters level) internships throughout the year. Individuals can explore a career in medicine, public health or human services at BHCHP while gaining experience and in-depth learning in one or more areas of homeless medicine.

Undergraduate internships are most often structured to combine a variety of service experiences and program teams/sites. Whenever possible, we look to provide balance in our internships by assigning individuals to roles that involve both patient contact in clinical settings and work that is administrative in nature. Because these internships are based on volunteer openings it is often difficult to predict availability well in advance.

BHCHP offers interns three to five "brown bag lunch" seminars during the summer, featuring staff speakers from various program teams and sites. These are designed to further enhance each intern’s education around homelessness and health care.

Hours - Weekdays during normal business hours; limited weekend and evening shifts may be available.
Commitment - 12 - 40 hours per week, for a summer, semester or academic year.
Location - Multiple sites in and around Boston.

BHCHP currently has need for interns in the following roles:

Summer Health Promotion Program Group Leaders- This position will coordinate and co-lead enrichment groups for school aged children (6-12) living at the Home Suites Inn Motel in Waltham MA. Groups will be part of a  health promotion program lasting from June 17-August 9, 2018. This position will work under the direction of the Coordinator of Children’s Behavioral Health Services and will interact with other BHCHP volunteers and Family Team members as required. Group leaders will work Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9am to 3:30pm. Due to the location of the motel access to a car is recommended.

Behavioral Community Health Program Assistant - The Behavioral Health Community Program (BHCP) is a coalition of health care agencies dedicated to providing comprehensive care to patients with behavioral health issues and chronic illness. The Program Assistant will play an important role in outreach to patients referred to the program, as well as delivery of services after enrollment. This role anticipates a commitment of approximately 20 hours a week.

One Care Recruitment Assistant - One Care is a benefit offered to patients dually enrolled in MassHealth and Medicare to receive enhanced services to help them improve their health and well-being. These services include transportation, nutritional, focused care coordination and care management. This role anticipates a commitment of 15-20 hours a week.

Behavioral Health and Substance Use Resources Intern – Persons in this wide-ranging role will support clients participating in AA, NA and SMART recovery in a variety of ways. While this role will have some administrative functions, volunteers will observe and engage with patients with varying health, behavioral health and addiction issues. One or two volunteers are sought for between 8-40 hours a week, Monday through Friday, between 8:30a and 5p.

Development Department Intern - The volunteer will assist with the numerous administrative tasks required to support the efforts of BHCHP’s growing and thriving Development Department. This position is best filled by a dedicated volunteer who can work independently to coordinate and complete various tasks and projects specifically related to in-kind donations, donor relations, and social media. A volunteer that can devote up to 16 hours per week anytime between 9a – 5p, Monday through Friday (preferably on a Thursday) is sought.

Becoming an Undergraduate Intern at BHCHP

All interns must be 18 years or older and are required to complete the steps below before beginning service with BHCHP.

  • Complete our online application
  • Attend an in-person orientation
  • Complete a CORI check (must be completed in person with a valid ID)
  • Submit immunization records (Click here for requirements)

Apply Now

Applications a will be reviewed to determine whether you have the qualifications and availability we seek. Candidates are not considered until the online application form has been received.

We will contact prospective interns directly to schedule interviews or set up an orientation. Due to the volume of applicants, we are only able to contact those for whom a possible match is identified.

Please email [email protected] for more information!