Tribute Gifts

Tribute Gifts

Donations to BHCHP can be a great way to celebrate a special event, like a birthday, a graduation or even a wedding. Donations can also be a thoughtful way to express sympathy after a death.

When you fill out the online donation page, or when you send in your gift, tell us the name of the person you are honoring or remembering. Please include the name and address of the person you want us to notify. We'll do the rest!

Holiday Gifts

Make a donation to BHCHP in the name of someone on your holiday gift list! As you can imagine, winter is a difficult time for people without a home. Make a donation in someone’s name and you are doubling your impact. Not only are you honoring someone you care about, but you are also showing you care to someone who has so little in their lives. Your generosity will help keep our patients warm and healthy this holiday season.

To ensure the fastest delivery of the notification, please download the holiday tribute notification card below. If you would like your notification to be mailed or emailed directly to the recipient, we will send a notification letter by post or by email, but we cannot guarantee its arrival before the holidays.

For any questions about tribute gifts, please contact Kira Venturini at or 857-654-1044.

Download your Holiday Gift Receipt Here

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