BisNow; Tim Carroll

The city also worked with Suffolk Construction to build a 38-bed quarantine facility next to its Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program shelter at 112 Southhampton St.”

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“Another 70 beds will be available after The Davis Companies reached out to Walsh’s office to temporarily redeploy the site of a former long-term acute care hospital in Brighton that will be ready to open within days. This facility, which will be open within days, will be operated by the Boston Public Health Commission in partnership with the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program.” Watch more here!

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Lauren Bennett; Jamaica Plain Gazette

Walsh announced that the Boston Resiliency fund has surpassed the initial $20 million in a little over a week, and is still accepting donations. He said that the money has already been used to buy thousands of Chromebooks for BPS students, and $5 million in grants will also be released for organizations such as the Greater Boston Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, Fresh Truck, Community Servings, Project Bread, Boston’s Healthcare for the Homeless, Pine Street Inn, and others.”

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“Given the overlap between homelessness and substance use disorder, Mackin said treatment services are being “layered in” at the tents set up by Boston’s Health Care for the Homeless to make sure anyone can get onto medication if they need it, or be prepared for going through detox at the tent if needed. But the tents are also prepared to house people who may be in active use.”

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Hollywood Reporter; Rebecca Sun

In addition, as a fund of the Entertainment Industry Foundation, #FirstRespondersFirst is asking for donations to supply personal protective equipment — such as gowns, gloves and masks — for the workers and their patients. These and other essential supplies will be distributed via a growing coalition of on-the-ground partners, which include Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program…”

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The Daily Free Press; Kasia Jazak

Kerry O’Brien, deputy director of media and public relations at Boston’s Department of Neighborhood Development, said the City has made preparations in the event of an outbreak among the homeless population in Boston.

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Boston Globe; Caroline Enos

Health Improvements Inc. has already collected enough sanitizer to fill 100 small bottles, which will be distributed to the Boston Rescue Mission, Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program, and the Haley House.

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Boston Globe; Devra First

By Thursday, its fifth day of operation in Boston, Off Their Plate had served close to 1,000 meals in the area — to Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s, Faulkner, Boston Medical Center, and Beth Israel Deaconess, with more coming soon, including Carney Hospital, Boston Health Care for the Homeless, and other federally qualified health centers.

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In Massachusetts, physicians with the Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program have converted an empty parking lot into a military-style tent facility capable of housing, isolating, and caring for resident's experiencing homelessness.

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NBC 10 Boston; Young-Jin Kim and Lara Salahi

Another facility with 70 beds has been created at a former hospital at 1515 Commonwealth Ave. in Brighton, to be operated in cooperation with the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program. Watch more here!

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