Start Up With Non-Profits Panel Notes Area Health Initiatives For The Homeless

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When Mike first came to the Barbara McInnis House, where staff at the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program provide medical respite care for homeless people, he was virtually “undocumented.”

Mike was born in the United States, so he is an American citizen. But because he couldn’t tell his name, his Social Security Number, or what he was doing before he ended up sleeping in a public park near Roxbury, he couldn’t apply for Medicare or Medicaid which he needed to get into a nursing home.

“He was the sweetest, the most soft-spoken person,” Sam Russo, a case manager at McInnis House, said during a “Start Up with Non-Profits” panel that’s organized by BHCHP and the Cambridge Innovation Center on Oct. 2. “But he wouldn’t give you any more information, or he couldn’t, we really don’t know.”

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