Sox for Socks: Health Care Professionals and Red Sox Foundation Collect Thousands of Socks for the Homeless

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Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program partnered with the Red Sox Foundation to collect 5,100 pairs of socks and $2,100 in their Sox for Socks charity drive at Fenway on June 3-5. BHCHP hands out clean socks to homeless patients in their 60 locations and on the street.

Many homeless people walk ten or more miles daily, according to Christy Xaysanasongkham, a nurse at the Barbara McInnis House, BHCHP’s medical respite facility. Their socks can become wet due to sweat or weather conditions. Unchanged wet socks put patients at risk for a number of medical conditions including trench foot, fungal infections, frostbite, and blisters which can lead to infection.


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