Sherborn’s Mimi Krier lends a helping hand for the homeless

Wicked Local Rehoboth

Since August, Krier has spent every Tuesday as a case management volunteer at BHCHP, accompanying patients to medical appointments and on all sorts of errands — to government offices, banks and pharmacies.

It’s 9 a.m. on a recent Tuesday, and Mimi Krier has just arrived at Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program in the city’s South End. As usual, she’s hauling a large, black nylon bag filled with neatly folded donated clothes she regularly collects from friends and family. Krier checks in with the nonprofit’s case managers to get her morning assignment.

Today, she’ll be accompanying three patients to the Social Security office to get new cards. Theirs have been stolen, a common occurrence when you live on the streets or in a shelter. Before she gathers the patients into the waiting white van, she drops by the room of one of her favorite patients, Mary, to say “hi” and to deliver a pair of athletic shorts she’s set aside for her. They hug, and Krier, a petite woman with salt and pepper hair and a quick smile, is off.

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