Providers Have Learned of New Dangers in Prescription Drugs Through SPOT

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Most doctors and providers have found it very hard to keep up with the ‘cocktail’ of drugs being used illicitly by those on the streets, and that’s been particularly hard for prescribers in the Mass/Cass area of the South End – where drug use often is one or two steps ahead of those who study it.

That has changed a great deal with the introduction of SPOT at Boston Healthcare for the Homeless, Dr. Jessica Gaeta told the South End Forum’s Opiate Working Group on Tuesday, May 22. SPOT is a pilot program that is two years old and monitors those who are too sedated to remain on the street.

Gaeta said being able to monitor those who are at the epicenter of the opiate crisis on Mass/Cass has helped them to learn what drugs are being used, and most importantly, what prescription drugs are being misused.

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