After Two Years, SPOT has Found Success in Opiate Crisis

The Boston Sun

When physicians and staff at the South End’s Boston Healthcare for the Homeless (BHCHP) established the SPOT observation area to help alleviate the opiate overdose epidemic right outside its Albany Street door, they didn’t know what to expect.

In two years, though, two things have become apparent.

One is that SPOT works.

But the second thing is that, sadly, they don’t believe it is enough.

Dr. Gabriel Wishik spoke with the Sun this week about the “lessons learned” from two years of operating the SPOT on the first floor of BHCHP. He said they have found it to be very effective in engaging with and monitoring those who feel like they are in trouble after ingesting opiates, but it is the folks in that situation that don’t make it to SPOT that he worries most about.

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