patient receiving vaccination

The BHCHP Institute oversees a robust quality improvement program to ensure that health care services are delivered with both excellence and equity.  Quality improvement at BHCHP is team-based, and all clinical sites are involved in efforts to advance our quality metrics. The Institute provides leadership, coordination, and support with data analytics and evaluation.

A Quality and Efficiency Committee (QEC) monitors progress on an annually updated set of priority quality metrics, and proposes and oversees action steps for improvement on each measure. This multidisciplinary team includes clinicians, care coordinators, community advisory board members, and site directors. The QEC is co-chaired by our Director of Quality, Sanju Nembang and our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Denise De Las Nueces. An annual Quality Plan is reviewed and approved by our Board of Directors.

The Institute also conducts an annual survey to assess patient experiences using a validated tool designed to measure the experiences of homeless individuals in the primary care setting. If you are interested in getting involved as a volunteer for our patient experiences survey, or in other quality improvement activities, please send your resume and availability to institute@bhchp.org.