Jessie M. Gaeta


Jessie M. Gaeta, MD has practiced Internal Medicine at Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program since 2002, and served as Chief Medical Officer from 2015-2022. Dually board certified in Internal Medicine and Addiction Medicine, Dr. Gaeta graduated from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in 1998, trained in Internal Medicine at Boston University Medical Center, and served as Chief Resident in 2002.  She completed a Physician Advocacy fellowship at the Institute on Medicine as a Profession at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons in 2007.


Dr. Gaeta has dedicated herself to advocacy for and with people living with substance use disorders, particularly when they are disconnected from traditional pathways to care.  She is always learning more from people with lived experience about homelessness, opioid use disorder, and harm reduction. Over the past two decades, she has spearheaded numerous innovative initiatives to rethink how we approach care for individuals with substance use disorder and complex health conditions, particularly when these conditions are exacerbated by severe poverty, racism, trauma, and social stigma.


Areas of interest: Addiction, harm reduction, primary care, health equity, women’s health