The Institute for Research, Quality, and Policy in Homeless Health Care

The vision of the BHCHP Institute is to serve as a multidisciplinary, collaborative center of excellence in homeless health care with a mission to improve the health of individuals and families experiencing homelessness, through work across six distinct pillars: research, quality, policy and advocacy, value-based care, writing and ethics, and education. The Institute believes strongly in including consumers as both participants and advisors in all phases of our research and quality improvement work. By “consumers,” we refer to all those who access BHCHP services or have experience as members of our patient community.

The BHCHP Institute supports those program activities focused on scholarship, analysis, and data-driven management. It aims to:

  • Use research and evaluation techniques to better understand the health care needs and utilization of people experiencing homelessness, identify and address health inequities, and continue to adapt and refine our model of care.
  • Identify best practices in homeless health care and disseminate them through a variety of channels and among BHCHP's stakeholders, including people experiencing homelessness, providers, policy makers, and payers, both locally and nationally.
  • Serve as a catalyst for change and a mechanism for advocacy in the realm of policy and practice in homeless health care.
  • Support the professional development goals of BHCHP's highly skilled and curious clinical staff by providing training and technical assistance for scholarly endeavors that align with the six pillars.
  • Educate the next generation of students committed to providing high quality, compassionate health care to people experiencing homelessness.

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