Dr. Jim O'Connell Legacy Circle

The Dr. Jim O'Connell Legacy Circle
is being launched to honor the vision and leadership of Dr. O’Connell and to ensure that his work and example will live on for generations.

A Medical Practice Like No Other
For more than 30 years, Dr. Jim O’Connell—Dr. Jim to his patients—has been caring for Boston’s homeless individuals and families on park benches, down alleys, under bridges and in so many other unseen corners of the city. As the founding physician of the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program (BHCHP), he embodies the belief that health care is a basic human right. Where Dr. O’Connell sees suffering, he relieves it— caring for the most vulnerable and medically complex patients. The work of Dr. O’Connell and BHCHP has touched countless lives in Boston and beyond, offering healing and hope while inspiring others to follow in his footsteps.

Built on Trust, Innovation and Collaboration
Dr. O’Connell has built BHCHP on three bedrock beliefs. First, trust must be established between patient and caregiver before healing can begin. Second, homeless medicine is one of the most challenging sub-specialties and requires creativity, innovation and constant reinvention, which BHCHP has become renowned for. Third, BHCHP must be seamlessly integrated into Boston’s mainstream medical system so that our patients receive the same quality of care as any other citizen. Our collaborators include the most renowned medical institutions in Boston.

An Invitation to Stand Beside Us for the Long Term
During these uncertain fiscal times, we are even more focused than ever on protecting the program and the mission that Dr. O’Connell and his colleagues have worked so hard to build. Each
year we face unexpected crises that affect our homeless community—the closing of Long Island, the meningitis outbreak, and the opioid overdose crisis to name just a few. We invite you to consider partnering with Dr. O’Connell and BHCHP in a new way. By joining the Dr. Jim O’Connell Legacy Circle, you will help strengthen our mission by making a multi-year financial commitment to BHCHP. This multi-year commitment will serve as a strong foundation of support which will enable us to be nimble in our response to crises and in our planning for the future.

Founding Dr. Jim O'Connell Legacy Circle Members
Joseph & Sandy Avellone
Bank of America
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
CVS Health
Joe D’Arrigo
Delta Dental of Massachusetts
EasCare Ambulance
Eastern Bank
Eaton Apothecary
John & Maureen Hailer
Marsh & McLennan Agency – New England
Natixis Global Asset Management
Jean C. Tempel
Tringale Health
Strategies, LLC

For more information on the Dr. Jim O'Connell Legacy Circle or to become a member, contact Cheryl Kane at 857-654-1048 or ckane@bhchp.org