BHCHP Blog: A View from the Bridge

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BHCHP recently lost a close friend: former Channel 5 journalist and Chronicle co-host Mary Richardson. For two decades, she was a devoted supporter of our work — getting to know us and our patients by doing what any good reporter does: rolling up her sleeves and hitting the streets.

Meet Carmen! A beloved BHCHP nurse and a member of our 2021 marathon team!

Krassi Diehl, 42, originally from Lexington MA started running 10 years ago for health reasons.

Katherine Record, 37, originally from Winstead CT and a graduate of Georgetown, Duke and Harvard has been running since high school. 

What started as a request for art work evolved into a three day facelift for the BHCHP medical clinic located at St. Mary’s.

Remarks from our Chief Medical Officer Jessie Gaeta

The past year has been a tough one for many of us, but it was particularly hard for those experiencing homelessness. 

Statement from our Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer, Sonja Spears and our CEO Barry Bock 

I’ve been conducting writing workshops for years. First at Boston College, for the New England veterans. Now online, for the world.