BHCHP Summer Zoom Series - August 12 - Caring for Veterans during the Time of COVID

Geren Stone, MD/Sharon Morrison, RN

Caring for Veterans during the Time of COVID

Wednesday, August 12, @ 11am

Sadly, veterans are overrepresented in the homeless population, although in recent years, Massachusetts has made great strides in getting many off of the streets and into permanent housing. They also bear a disproportionate burden of psychiatric illnesses. BHCHP provides integrated medical and psychiatric care to veterans through its clinic at the New England Center and Home for Veterans (NECHV) on Court Street in Boston.

When the pandemic hit, the NECHV was an early adapter of aggressive infection control strategies, universally screening veterans, mandating masking and instituting strict social distancing practices. When BHCHP, in collaboration with the NECHV, Mass General Hospital Center for Global Health and the Massachusetts National Guard, began universal testing of guests in Boston’s largest shelters, NECHV had by far the lowest infection rate — less than 3 percent —  a result that intrigued the medical community. Dr. Stone and Ms. Morrison will explore this surprising finding.   

Additionally, they’ll discuss:

  • How the NECHV transformed part of its building into an isolation ward, and then thankfully, never had to use it
  • The NECHV’s unique philosophy toward COVID care, rooted in the military ethos of leaving no comrade behind
  • Looking ahead: preventing future coronavirus outbreaks

Geren Stone, MD

Dr. Stone has worked at BHCHP since 2013 and is the medical director of BHCHP’s clinic at New England Center and Home for Veterans as well as a primary care physician at Massachusetts General Hospital.   In addition to seeing patients at BHCHP’s Clinic at MGH, Dr. Stone also serves as the MGH Global Medicine program director. In that role, he directs a training program in internal medicine and global health seeking to support the development of leaders for health equity.  Outside of work, his three children keep him busy laughing, dancing, and playing soccer.

Sharon Morrison, RN

Ms. Morrison has worked as a registered nurse with BHCHP for 23 years, providing care in shelters as a family practice nurse, on the streets as an outreach nurse and in outpatient clinics as a diabetes nurse.  She currently provides nursing care in the BHCHP clinic at the New England Center and Home for Veterans.  She brings to her work a perspective that blends both Eastern and Western traditions of care.  When not working, she enjoys baking bread, photography and spending time in the gracious company of animals.


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