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Medical Respite Care - at the Barbara McInnis House

The Challenge:

Men and women who are both homeless and sick face especially difficult challenges when they are discharged from hospital in need of a secure, supportive place to recuperate.

Chemotherapy can be exhausting. Broken bones require cautious care. Burns need careful and frequent dressing changes. Serious medical problems like these face hundreds of Boston's homeless men and women every day and night.

The Solution:

BHCHP provides "medical respite care", short-term medical and recuperative services, for homeless people who are far too sick for life in shelters but not sick enough to occupy a costly acute care hospital bed.

BHCHP's 104 bed facility, the Barbara McInnis House, is located within Jean Yawkey Place on the campus of Boston Medical Center.

Barbara McInnis(1935-2003) was a remarkably generous and talented nurse who cared for thousands of Boston's homeless men and women while advocating tirelessly in their interest. She will long be remembered by her patients and peers. Barbara McInnis House has become a nationally recognized and emulated facility that continues her legacy.

For more complete information on services provided and the admission process, please see our Barbara McInnis House brochure (PDF).

Contact the Barbara McInnis House

Main Number
TEL (857) 654-1700                FAX 857-654-1112

Admissions (by medical referral only)
TEL (857) 654-1760                 FAX 857-654-1115




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