Patient Stories

Cassie: Now has a place to call home

“My husband died after 14 years on dialysis. My life fell apart and I ended up living under a bridge in Kenmore Square.

Living outside is horrible. It's hard to break the cycle once you're in the streets. You're dirty. There are no showers, no clothes or food. Your spirit gets very damaged just trying to survive.

Being taken care of at Barbara McInnis house was sort of like going home. I got to know other patients and the staff went out of their way to be helpful, to heal my broken spirit as well as my sick body.

When I was diagnosed with cancer BHCHP got me to and from the hospital for chemo and radiation, helped with special meals, clothes, detox, everything.

Now I'm living in my own place and I'm cancer-free. It's not been easy making the transition but I've felt supported along the way by my old friends at BHCHP. I'm even on the Consumer Advisory Board – trying to give back. [I’m] hoping to help other people who are broken and in need of a life line and someone who has hope for them."